Saturday, 30 April 2011

Tinto Pesquera Reserva 06

This wine comes from the Ribera Del Duero region which has been made famous as it is the home to Vega Sicilia.  The region produces mainly wines from the Tempranillo grape with some international varieties pop their head up ever now and again.

Tinto Pesquera Reserva 06

The wine is 100% Tempranillo and comes across profoundly concentrated yet tilts its hat to both the new and old world in its complexity and flavour profile.  The bottle was opened for 12 hours before I stuck my nose into it and when I did it still screamed for more time. It began with a gourmet style BBQ, smoke box, red fruits, blood plums and spicy vanilla yet it’s the tannin structure that sets this wine apart.  The grip builds and builds and builds!  There is a little alcohol warmth that is holding me back from going nuts over the wine but even with it I’m exceedingly happy.

Alcohol: 14%
Price: $50
Rated: 91
Drink: 2016-2021

Grosset Watervale Riesling 2010

When I think of the iconic names of Australian riesling Grosset jumps out at me, as each year they shape three of the most expressive yet long lived examples in the country. 

Grosset Watervale Riesling 2010

The first thing that jumps out at you is how profoundly intense this is. Imagine drinking lemon and lime concentrate with spice and apples mixed in.  All of the flavours sit on a beautifully long sculptured palate that leaves me feeling refreshed and invigorated.  Since this is not regarded as one of the best vintages I would be keen as mustard to see what they can do in highly rated years because I think this is beautiful.

Alcohol: 13%
Price: $35
Rated: 93
Drink: 2014-2020

Friday, 29 April 2011

Fox Creek Reserve Shiraz 2007

The Fox Creek wines first made their way into wine drinking memory around the 1998 vintage but have dropped off my radar, so it was good to become reacquainted.   Due to the on going drought it has been tough to make perfectly balanced and lively wines.

Fox Creek Reserve Shiraz 2007

The wine shows liquorish, roasted meat, boiled plums and baked blackberry. While I think it has been well made, it dries out from the mid palate. The oak extends the palate but leaves me wanting more fruit freshness and structure. I only hope that in the cooler years that the problems with over-ripeness can be controlled.

Alcohol: 14.5%
Price: $70
Rated: 85
Drink: 2011-2014


Frank Cornelissen MunJebel Bianco #7 NV

The wine is a blend of Carricante, Grecanico Dorato and Coda di Volpe all of which I’ve never tried before.  The wine is made as if it is a red wine and is definitely for the wine geek, I can understand why people wouldn’t like its flavour profile but I think for those who are trying to expand their wine knowledge you have to get your hands on some. 

Frank Cornelissen MunJebel Bianco #7 NV
The wine is an orange colour and equally beguiling but it seems comfortable with itself. There is a huge lemon core to the wine with everything else hanging off of it. You are swamped with peach fuzz, seaweed rice biscuits, honey, dried onion skin and lemon myrtle. While the spectacular texture and great length of this wine and the last are similar, this wine is beautifully sculpted in how it tells its story.

Alcohol: 13%
Price: ?
Rated: 95
Drink: 2011-2017

I could never do justice to the wealth of information that is available on his website so I suggest that everyone that is interested visit his site below

Antinori Tignanello 2007

Antinori, along with Sassicaia, must be regarded as one of the pioneers not only in the Tuscan region but also in the resurgence of Italian wines world wide.
Tignanello first made its debut in 1971 but really started hitting its straps in 1982.  From then on it has been a blend of 85% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc.  

There has been a lot of talk that 06 and 07 are two great vintages in Chianti, and while I mostly like the 06’s compared to the 07’s this wine changes my view all together. It is so calm and controlled yet mouth watering and seductive. Flavours of cassis, dirt, spice, cherry balm and balsamic vinegar pervade every aspect of my mouth while the Dutch liquorish tannins pull the wine exceptionally long. This is the first wine that I’ve had that the tannins tasted like Dutch liquorish, mmmm. I wouldn’t touch another until 2020, and by then it should be humming! This is my young wine of the year and for that matter the best young wine I’ve had in a long time. I'm thinking i need more than a six pack!
Alcohol: 14%
Price: $120
Rated: 96+
Drink: 2020-2030