Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hillcrest Village Chardonnay 2011

Now I haven't posted anything for over a month now so I thought I should start with why that is. I had been publishing a few notes on my site since its inception every day plus I was writing for Gram and Australian Wine Showcase Magazine and working full time and starting my own label. I got to the stage where I was fried and couldn't look at any wines without thinking no not again. I feel rested now and have got back to getting home on a Friday night, where I look forward to that glass on wine. Now I'm back with a huge amount of wine notes to write up so here we go.

Hillcrest Village Chardonnay 2011

This medium to full bodied chardonnay was monumental last year and the 2011 version is about the same but it has a higher amount of acidity running through its backbone. The flavours are those lovely typical moments of nuts, grapefruit with peach which comes through on the mid-palate. This years wine takes longer to open up than last year but when it does it is brimming with flavour and food friendly personality.

Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: $25
Rated: 88
Drink: Now - 2019

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