Friday, 17 January 2014

Pizzini Nebbiolo 2010

Nebbiolo provides all the goodness of Pinot Noir but has the structure of cabernet to match. Bring that of baby as it offers so much more.  
Pizzini Nebbiolo 2010 
When compared to the 2009 this wine is more fragrant and less heavy yet it still retains the undergrowth nature. There are notes of red berry fruit mixed with wild roses and red liquorice on an extremely long palate length. At the moment the flavours are wound up in a rambunctious load of dry chalky tannins but give it 6 years and it will show well. I like this more than the 2009 but for enjoyment at this stage the 09 looks better.  
Alcohol: 13.8% 
Price: $48 
Rated: 92++ 
Drink: 2019 - 2030 


  1. Really enjoy your reviews but can't read black on dark brown background. regards and cheers, Andrew

  2. Ditto with Andrew its just not favorable to your eyes. Well I'm not a wine connoisseur at all, but I've been reading your reviews, and I think they hit the point for those amateurs like me.

    Besides that, I take your space to actually try to get a lil get from you, I'm having a wedding this summer, and I want to serve wine at the meal and for later just socializing...I'm from Mexico and it would be awesome if you could give me your point of view on what kind of bottle you think would be good for the ocassion, on a price range of 0-15 dolls. Would be good.
    Im serving checking with herbs stuff. Hope you can help me out on this. Or just ignore the comment.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS. keep the good reviews