Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Chris Ringland Reservation Shiraz 2010

About 10 years ago I was obsessed with trying to get my hands on a bottle of Chris Ringland’s Three Rivers Shiraz. While I would love to try a bottle now, it is possible to try his wine styles at a more attractive and accessible price tag (50 bucks not 750 bucks). He definitely puts his heart into the wine and it is a massively full bodied number. In fact I have to change my scale it include this number right above what I would normally full bodied. This comes more akin to port in the weight of it and the meal that it pair with.


Chris Ringland Reservation Shiraz 2010


I tried this wine with a nice stew but it just killed it with really sweet jammy fruit characters so I decided to wait until I served the chocolate mud cake. This worked better but I would recommend drinking this by itself in the heart of winter. There is a cooked prune moment mixed with baileys and ice cream before it moves to a mulled wine character. This comes in the form of warmth and spicy on the finish but it is the mouth feel that is the most enticing. This comes in the form of thick glycerol as it coats the front palate on entry.


Alcohol: 16%
Rated: 83
Price: $50
Drink: Now - 2016

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