Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Vigna Cantina Negro Amaro 2012

Wines from this variety originate in Puglia in Italy and generally are deep and dark in colour and flavour spectrum. The summers in Puglia are hot and punctuated with little rain which makes them perfect for areas such as the Barossa which is where this wine comes from.

Vigna Cantina Negro Amaro 2012

The wine is full on a full bodied and is made in a soft a cuddly style. The flavours are upfront with the traditional sweetness that I normally associate with this region. Traditionally this varity is balanced by acidity and savoury bitterness but this wine doesn't have those things. It would be better if it was blended with something to balance out the rage of flavours.

Alcohol: 13.9%
Price: $22
Rated: 84
Drink: Now

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