Thursday, 19 December 2013

Heathvale Vineyard Sagrantino 2011

The Heathvale vineyard vines are old Chardonnay root stock that has been grafted onto Sagrantino. This has reduced the amount of disease in the vines that many of the other growers are experiencing with the original root stock. The variety is the undisputed king for phenolic compounds in the skins and the highest tannin level for all wines. Drink at your own peril.


Heathvale Vineyard Sagrantino 2011


The 2011 wine looks good even though it comes from a cool vintage. There is a nice plum lift along with cranberries and summer flowers which makes this a lighter style wine in term of depth of flavour and flavour profile. The wine possesses good balance of flavour and texture but it doesn’t possess the tannic kick that is associated with the variety. Why? Maceration. This wine only spends a short time on skins before being pressed off into barrel. Does it suffer as a result? No not really, it just makes it easier to drink as a young wine.


Alcohol: 14.3%

Price: $35

Rated: 88
Drink: Now – 2024

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