Sunday, 6 October 2013

Henschke Joann's Garden 2010

Do you choose a wine based on a single variety or a blend? I think many people look for single varieties as they think the standard is higher. I guess they are correct as most companies choose to release their bench mark wine as a single variety but I think this should change. Wines like Grange, Majella's Malleea and most of the top red wines out of Margaret River are blends. Each variety adding its own unique aspect that is greater than the individual parts. Blends also allow the winery to add a brilliant name to their top wine. This is a marketing dream as it adds something to the brand. If we look towards Europe then blends rain king. Anyway I should stop ranting and get on with the wine.

Henschke Joann's Garden 2010

Henschke has managed to combine beautiful perfumed noted with lively and silky mouth-feel. The oak has been totally consumed by the red-berry flavours and this all fits of a medium bodied frame. Nothing is over done but the wine is slow to evolve which makes me think that it will need a bit to show all of the magic that it holds. If you are into high quality wine with richness and elegance this fits the bill.

Alcohol: 14.5%
Price; $45
Rated: 93
Drink: 2016 - 2025

2012 Johann's Garden

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