Saturday, 19 October 2013

Majella Minuet NV Disgorged 2012

It is a perfect time to crack open some Australian bubbles as the weather has started to warm up. My wife has a routine that every Saturday after she has finished tennis the team cracks open a couple bottles before everyone heads out to dinner. I like the idea that bubbles is the catalyst for an enjoyable evening. It is a celebrational experience when a bottle of bubbles is opened. Get on board this summer.

Majella Minuet NV disgorged 2012

There are all those lovely roasted nutty flavours that you expect from nice bubble and they are matched by dried grapefruit and apple quarters. I used to have these in my lunch box when I was at school and it is lovely to see them poking their head out of this wine. The length and balance is beautiful and the palate is a little cream on the initial attack before waves of acidity kick in.


Alcohol: 11%
Price: $30
Rated: 88
Drink: Now

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