Saturday, 16 November 2013

Wild Duck Creek Estate Ducks & Drakes 2011

Ducks & Drakes is an old school game of throwing small stones over water, more precicisely it is the act of skipping stones over water which is normally done at a small pond with a lot of younger members. The last time i did it was when I was 12 at an outdoor school and my mates and I would see how many times we could skip the stone. I can't remember what our record was but this wine takes me back.

Wild Duck Creek Estate Ducks & Drakes 2011

This label is relatively new with most of the productioning going to the U.S. with the other lions share being consumed by mailing list customers.  For a wine from 2011 it doesn't possess the slippery and weedy profile but rather it has leafy cabernet characters and a shiraz bounce in the mid-palate. The oak is high but it all works out by the time day four comes around of being open. I would recommend giving it 5 or so years in the cellar to open up a bit more.

Alcohol: 14.9%
Price: $46
Rated: 87
Drink: 2017 +

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