Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sevenhill Cellars, Tim Adams & O'Leary Walker Riesling

The rizza files 
My wife is drinking a lot of Rizza at the moment. In fact she went off to the Clare Valley today for a working week-end. She is filming in the area but I’m sure she will be opening a whole raft of these.  
O’Leary Walker Watervale Riesling 2014 
Really easy winemaking on this wine. Pick grapes tick. De-stem grapes tick. Press grapes tick. Juice chilled tick. Racked off solids tick. Fermented tick. Straight to bottle tick. Really what more could be done to express pure Riesling goodness? This has beautiful line and length with masses of crushed flowers, lime and lemon with tightness on the palate just drawing it all together.  
Alcohol: 12% 
Price: $20 but could get it cheaper 
Rated: 88 
Drink: Now 2025 

Get your teeth around this one 
Tim Adams Riesling 2014 
This has more flavour and a great er acid line than the above wine and as a result is a bit better. That said they are both batting way above their weight. This wine has lemons and lime with orange zest and spring blossom. These flavours are perched on an extremely long palate that is just bursting at the seams with acidity. It is more like exploding and I just imagine the Monty Python skit where Mr Creosote is at a restaurant eating himself silly and they offer him an after diner mint and he blows up. I’m not sure how I link Mr Creosote to this wine but my mind is a little warped.  
Alcohol: 11.5% 
Price: $20 
Rated: 90 
Drink; Now - 2027 
Made in the same way as the above two wines but from a different vintage.  
Sevenhill Cellars Inigo Riesling 2013 
Nice typical flavours but a little short and narrow. This could be starting to shut down but I don’t think so, nor did it improve over the course of three days.  
Price: $17 
Rated: 85 
Drin: Now 2017 

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