Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rosemount Estate Nursery Project Fiano 2011

Rosemount would be one of the biggest players so it is fare to say that Fiano has moved into the mainstream.  Both Coriole and Olivers Taranga pioneered the variety in Australia but they are often hard to find in a bottleshop.  Now Rosemount is on board you can expect a larger proportion of people will fall in love with this variety.

Rosemount Estate Nursery Project Fiano 2011

The wine has an immediate appealing fragrance of pear and citrus which is also apparent on the palate. Once you take a sip the wine quickly peels off your tongue.  While the flavours are nice is comes across as a little simple but you are left feeling refreshed as there is a beautiful spike of acidity. This is a good introduction to the variety.

Alcohol: 12%
Price: ?
Rated: 83
Drink: Over summer

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