Sunday, 7 December 2014

Teusner Avatar 2013

The 2013 wines I've tried have been fruit forward and more enjoyable than the 2012 at this stage. I think the 12s have greater structure and will take more time to show their full potential than the 13s. The 13s I would drink now or sooner as they offer joyous flavours that are fully ripe.

Teusner Avatar 2013

I decided to watch Avatar while drinking this wine as it meant I was fully immersed in the Avatar experience. What is most notable about this wine is the creaminess of the palate. It feels like eating a really svelte vanilla ice cream with added flavours of a mixed bag of lollies that I used to buy at the corner store when I was just a teenager. The sweetness is the main feature of the spectrum but the back end it pulled savoury by the Mataro. Joining the flavours are stewed prunes, chocolate sauce and spiced earth on a medium bodied frame. The flavours open quickly and it was easy to slurp down a couple glasses without much trouble.

Alcohol: 14.5%
Price: $30
Rated: 86
Drink: Now - 2020

Teusner Avatar

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