Monday, 6 May 2013


Moscato can be sweet or slighty dry and while I think there is more of the sweeter style consumed in Australia I beleive that the drier style works muich better.

BellaRiva Moscato Del Re 2012

This is a lightly sparkling style that has fresh flavours of lychees and spice. The flavours are simple but they show themsleves well on entry. For a wine at 18 bucks it is pretty snazzy as it has managed to balance out the sweetness with a zippy acidity on the finish. I could think that I could drink a bottle of this on the way home from work in the car but I wouldn't recommend drink driving.

Alcohol: 5.5%
Price: $18
Rated: 84
Drink: Now

BellaRiva Moscato Del Ré (2012)

Patritti Moscato 2011

The palate is not as sweet as the BellaRiva and the fruit is not as forward so you have to be a bit more thoughtful with this wine. Don't just pour and glug, you may have to let it sit for about 15 minutes in the glass.  The flavours are of passionfruit sorbet, punguent crushed flowers and musk stick. The acidity of the wine drives a mouthwatering edge through the centre of the wine which leaves the mouth dripping. The weight of the wine is light suggesting that it should be served first or when the weather is hotter. All in all a beautiful package. Just look at the price as it makes this wine a no brainer.

Alcohol: 6%
Price: $9.50
Rated: 84+
Drink: Now

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