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Penfolds Icon & Luxury Release 2013

Penfolds Icon & Luxury Release 2013

Peter Gago has been chipping away at transforming the quality and style of the Penfolds wines since he took reigns a litttle while ago. They now have a slick elegance yet modern style feel about them while still retaining the some of the traditions of old. This release is particulary strong as many of the wines come from the 2010 vintage.

Penfolds Yattarna 2010

Elegant with a pristine nose of lemon butter mixed with grapefruits and a hint of nectarines. The palate is full bodied with the oak intergration already being remarkable. The focus of the wine is driven by a wedge of acidity with the oak contributing to the mouthfeel rather than the flavour profile. This wine continues the journey that Yattarna has been going through and in my view is the best they have done.

Alcohol: 13%
Price: $130
Rated: 94
Drink: 2017 - 2027

Penfolds Yattarna Chardonnay 2010 

Penfolds St Henri 2009

This label holds a special place in my heart as it is the first top class wine my wife and I enjoyed together. This years version brings those feeling of butterflies, and the prospect of love back into my heart. The wine is elegant with notes of brambles, mulberries showing off to the spice and fresh licorice. While this is easy to drink right now the intense structure that lurks underneath is telling me to hold off for a bit. The palate length is brilliantly long and the acidity perks up the feel of the wine from the start right to the end of the finish. 

Alcohol: 14.5%
Price: Street price $75
Rated: 94
Drink: Now - 2030

Penfolds St Henri Shiraz 2009

Penfolds Magill Shiraz 2010

Yehaaa lets grab a pair of cowboy boots and a bar wench and away we go. The palate is rustic and smokey with savoury notes of cassis, spice, vanilla cream and plums.  This wine tips its hat at the days of old with its flavour profile but it still retains those modern moments of drinkability and old school grooviness. The mid-palate is a little sweet but that might come from the American oak which should melt away after a slumber in the cellar. There is a little alcohol heat on the back palate but it doesn't distract me from the overall experience.

Alcohol: 14.5%
Price: $130
Rated: 93
Drink: 2016 - 2025

Penfolds RWT Shiraz 2010

The RWT is a sub-regional wine that is more in the blue end of the spectrum for flavour than the brute force of Grange. This years version is no different with flavours of creme de cassis, blueberries and plum pudding. The wood is a little more prominant than the other wines but the flavours are still bright and a delight to taste. Intense are the tannins and they finish with sweetness which works well with the long palate length and fantastic depth of flavours.

Alcohol: 93+
Price: $140
Rated: 93
Drink: 2016 - 2030


Penfolds Bin 707 2010

Momma this is a chewy Cabernet with massess of intense flavours. Part of this wine comes from the prestigous Block 42 and it shows in the quality of this wine. The oak has great intergration at this stage with the structure being both intense and a joyess to drink. The brute force flavours of creme de cassis, mulberries bushes that have been picked dry and the workers are now forklifting the contents into their mouths and moments of dried flowers balance beautifully as there is light in amongst the darkness. As Penfolds release a Bin 169 at the same price, same variety, same vintage but a single vineyard wine it is normal that people will compare them. The 707 doesn't possess the same level of structure or drive of the Bin 169 even though there is a mass of tannin and acidity to be had. This wine is more a warm climate Cabernet of tremendous quality, rather than the cooler climate Bin 169.

Alcohol: 14.5%
Price: Street price $250
Rated: 95
Drink: 2030 +


Penfolds Grange 2008

When I think Grange I think power of fruit in a more savoury style than the fruit bomb that became so passe a few years ago. This has power but it is polished and restrained at the same time. The structure is interwoven with the flavour profile and layers of delighful surprises. Forget about the flavours themselves as Grange seems to possess a similar profile each year but it is the vitality and vibrancy of the 2008 version that is remarkable.

Aclohol: 14.5%
Price: Street Price: $650
Rated: 97
Drink: 2025 - 2045

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