Tuesday, 28 May 2013

S.C. Pannell Tempranillo Touriga 2011

Some wine-makers talk about the drive to make only interesting wines. The term interesting is difficult to define but what I think they mean is different. The easiest way to produce something different is to blend different varieties that are already established in Australia. Australia has huge amounts of old vine resources to some of the best varieties in the world. This wine combines a popular mediterranean variety with grapes that used to make its way into top quality ports.

S.C. Pannell Tempranillo Touriga 2011

The 2011 vintage was cool but McLaren Vale escaped the worst of the disease so most of the wines will be a little spicier than normal. This wine is testamount to that but it still possesses moments of dark chocolate, cherry cola, dutch licorice and dusted fresh flowers. The dust is the one that you find under the sofa when you have to clean the house just before you put on a big birthday party. You know the one where you have to clean areas that wouldn't normally get cleaned. You have to impress your friends or you have to atleast give the impression that this is how your house normally looks. Anyway back to the wine. The wine is medium bodied and has complexity galore with the tannin structure melding perfectly with the flavours. All this and the palate finishes with masses of acidity which makes this just yum. While this is not as good as the 2010 it is different and high in quality.

Alcohol: 14%
Price: $25
Rated: 88
Drink: 2014 - 2020

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