Saturday, 22 November 2014

Fiano x 6

Fiano in Australia seems to be doing pretty well. Most of the better examples coming from the warmer areas, except Scott which comes from the Adelaide Hills.

Pikes Wines Luccio Fiano 2014

Really candied fruit profile but in the typical Fiano flavour, just a bit too candied or fairy floss in nature. Think about the flavours in terms of peach and nectarines with an ok mouth feel adding interest. The length is a little short but hopefully will fill out with some time in the bottle.

Price: $18
Rated: 84
Drink: Now - 2019

Beach Road Wines Fiano 2013

Big end of town with flavours of apple cider and poached peach making its impact felt. The wine lack a bit of freshness but it does have impact. I'm not sure how long it will last but I would recommend drinking it sooner rather than later.

Alcohol: 13.5%
Price: $25
Rated: 85
Drink: Now - 2016


Scott Wines Fiano 2014

Yes baby this is what I'm talking about with a very good balance between flavour and texture. The flavours come in the form of honey, spice and hay mixed with nectarines and lemon acidity. The Scott wine is a lighter profiled wine with nice texture and liveliness brimming throughout. The texture comes in the form mouth feel and dryness which makes this wine so easy to drink bucket loads of.

Alcohol: 13
Price: $26
Rated: 89
Drink: Now - 2024

Savina Lane Wines Fiano Classico 2013

I've never tasted a wine from the Granite belt but I didn't think they could produce a wine like this. It has a great retention of acidity on a palate that is textural and thick but has a liveliness to it. I couldn't fault the palate length and detailed profile.

Price: $35
Rated: 92
Drink: Now - 2024

Oliver's Taranga Fiano 2014
Bursting with richness and firm acidity that just comes balling out of the glass. The textural level is up further on this wine than the rest of the Fiano's so far but it is perfectly balanced by the acidity. The acidity has a flavour of lemon skin and this perfectly offsets the spiciness of the wine. There is some fruit to the wine but I don't really care to mention it because my glass is empty and I'm heading to the fridge for another glass.
Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: $24
Rated: 91
Drink: Now - 2026

Coriole Vineyards Fiano 2014
This is very complex with mandarin, warm honey, hay and some stone fruit or fruit salad component. The textural element is bombastic and brilliant which would put this the best textural Fiano on the market. Love it!
Price: $25
Rated: 93
Drink: Now - 2024

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