Monday, 24 November 2014

Soumah Savarro 2014

Savagnin, the variety that works well in Australia but took a bit of a hit after the stuff  up with its name. This wine is leading the way for a return. The grapes for this wine were picked at a low baume and allowed to ferment in tank and spend time in contact with lees before being bottled. If they wanted to they could ferment some in oak which would add texture without taking away from the freshness of the flavours. It's just a suggestion, not a criticism.

Soumah Savarro 2014

This has great aromatic but it is the burst of minerality and light fresh flavours that works best. The flavours come rolling in with lemon balm, fresh pear juice and spring blossom with a hint of lime acidity and orange skin on the back palate. The wine is a little coiled up in the structure but it will open up with a little time in the cellar.

Price: $26
Rated: 92
Drink: 2015 +

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