Monday, 3 November 2014

Paradigm Hill Col's Block Shiraz 2011

Dr George Mihaly is a very renowned biotechnologist and has studied at Monash and Melbourne University.  What does this mean in the vineyard and wine world? Well it means he has a research based mindset which would allow him to evaluate the quality of each vineyard on a yearly basis and make changes if need be.

Paradigm Hill Col's Block Shiraz 2011

This tastes more euro in style than Australian but there is a green peppercorn note that takes over. It is lovely to drink with the sour cherry and wild boar notes that are mixed with a soft green peppercorns,  green herbs and a spice number. The palate is light weight with a high degree of acidity that drives its way through the wine. Now the it good? yes and no. Its not as good as the 2012 pinot that were delivered  but for a 2011 it is ok.

Alcohol: 12.7%
Price: $48
Rated: 86
Drink: ?

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