Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ashton Hills Salmon Brut 2009

Stephen George picked the whole of his 2011 vintage with no disease whatsoever. How could this be? Well he says the white from the Adelaide Hills will be one of the best ever as many varieties were ready to pick before the disease set in.  The reds on the other hand were a nightmare. Luckily Stephen was out in the vineyard every day taking the diseased fruit off the vine and transporting them off his property. His next door neighbour wasn't so lucky and wasn't able to get much off of his vineyard.   What is the moral of the story then? Buy your wines from people that are fastidious about their vineyard whether that is from a large or small producing is doesn't matter, just make sure they are out amongst the vines.

Ashton Hills Salmon Brut 2009

I love a good dose of strawberries and cream and that is exactly what you get here but you also experience a beautiful amount of short bread mixed with cherries and sour cranberries.  All these flavours sit on a very long palate length that fills your mouth and never lets go.  The arm of savoury goodness invades your tongue, flanking your taste buds and provide a yummy goodness.  Drink this with pride.

Alcohol: 13.5%
Price: $40
Rated: 91
Drink: Now but will keep

Ashton Hills Salmon Brut 2009 - click to view full size

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