Friday, 20 January 2012

Seppelts St Peters 2008

The St Peter's Vineyard is located on the Western View road in Great Western. This vineyard was the first vineyard in the area and is now heritage listed as to preserve the cultural significance for the area which many  argue possesses the best quality fruit from the area.

Seppelts St Peters 2008

On the nose this wine is cool, calm and collected with flacks of mulberries, spice and graphite invading my nostrils. Once the wine enters my mouth there is a sense of seriousness that is all encompassing. You really need to sit down and contemplate this medium bodied beast. Can you have a medium bodied beast? The wine is definitely not huge, nothing like your Arnold Schwarzenegger style wine but it still packs a punch in your mouth. Lets call this wine the ninja in your mouth!

The length is spectacular and the mouth feel is brilliant which makes the joy owe so intoxicating.

Alcohol: 14%
Price: $70
Rated: 95
Drink: Wait until it turns 10

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