Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Marc Bredif Vouvray 1993

As with many wine regions in France, wines that possess the regional name, in this case Vouvray, are tightly controlled as to the make up of the contents.  As such this wine is 100% Chenin Blanc and it certainly feels like it.  If you had told me this was a 2 year old wine I would have believed you but this wine already has 19 years under its belt. The wines from this area are made mostly into still wines but you can find some delightful sparkling version. I wonder if the sparkling versions age as well as the still versions.

Marc Bredif Vouvray 1993

The wine starts out with a pungent slice of lemon rind before a fresh posy of French daisies enter the mix.  I just love the gentle flow of intense yet refreshing flavours that attack my mouth.  What is decidedly outrageous is the acidity that slices straight through the flavours of cracked pepper, tropical fruits and quince jelly.  It is as if a knife has been run over my tongue. Everything in this wine is balanced yet there is a hint of sulfur in the mid palate like you would normally find in a German Rizza so I am going to recommend you keep it for a bit longer before opening it.  Say another 20 years.

Alcohol: 12%
Price: $45
Rated: 92++
Drink: 2017 - give to your grand kids!

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