Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Comparing Wines

So I was sitting in my lounge with a glass of Champagne in one hand and an Australian Sparkling in the other and I thought how can I compare these two wines as they are so different.  I'm not the first to ask this question as many wine scribes say that is is not possible to compare as it is like comparing apples with oranges. Can you compare apples with oranges? I am going to propose that yes you can compare the two if you classify them both as being from a super order factor such as both being fruit. More importantly we have to consider what are the characteristics of quality fruit. This might be the area that calls for most discussion as there is no set criteria for quality fruit but there is for quality wine.  All the critics rate wines on the balance, palate length, complexity and intensity of the wine.  So it is easy to compare Champagne with Sparkling wine under the super order factor of quality wine. I could even go further and say it is possible to compare a Pinot Gris with a Pinot Noir in terms of the quality of the wines.  Now I feel at ease with these two wines as I don't have to have two separate scales for the wines.  If I give them both an 86 then I am confident that they both have equal balance, palate length, complexity and intensity. They may taste different but they are both of the same quality level.

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