Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Niccolo Prosecco 2011

So I lied about Dal Zotto (88 pts) being the most expensive Prosecco in Australia because I tasted this wine the next day.  It is grown from the oldest Glera vines in Australia which is the variety that goes into Prosecco in Italy.  If grown outside the area of Prosecco it would have to be called Glera. However the Italian government has only just only just started the process of registering the region and name world wide so we are allowed to use it for a small amount of time. After the Glera vines were planted in the Hills they went to Yalumba's nursery blocks to be grown into a commercially viable area that could be sold Australia wide.

Niccolo Prosecco 2011

This wines has a lot of positives and some negatives

Positives: Brilliant acidity. Flavours of pear, roasted almonds and apple. Delicate and refreshing.

Negatives: While the palate length is very good the flavours fade into your tongue around the mid palate and only join in from the back palate on. Imagine a football and the flavours follow the outside of the ball but don't hit the middle.

Alcohol: 11%
Price: $35
Rated: 86
Drink: Now to next Christmas



  1. Hi Josh
    I think you will find it retails around $25 - @28 per bottle

  2. Brilliant thanks for that anon. At that price it is looking good.