Sunday, 18 December 2011

Seppelts Drumborg Riesling 2010

I remembering a little while ago that one of the critics didn't rate the Drumborg Riesling at all.  Not just this vintage but large proportion of the vintages so I thought I would have a look at it as other critics rave about it.  This Riesling comes from Henty which is on the cool side and some of the best wines form Penfolds and Seppelts come from this area.

Seppelts Drumborg Riesling 2010

You are hit with masses of intense lime juice and lemon blossom as soon as the wine enters your mouth.  Yet it is the even flow and cool measure of the wine that is the most satisfying.  The main flavour of the wine is slate which is like licking the old school fire places not that I do that that much.  There are moments of silence as I stand in awe of this wine. Specular length, great reserve yet flavour galore.

Alcohol: 13%
Price: $34
Rated: 94+
Drink: Not now.  Give it a decade in the bottle before thinking of opening it.

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