Monday, 26 December 2011

Wild Duck Creek Estate Reserve Cabernet 1998

David Anderson has been making some great booze for a while now and it is amazing that they keep so long.  This wine is a case in point and it is in an elegant style.  I was up in Heathcote a little while back so I dropped in to see how things were going with David.  The vineyard looks really healthy whilst he had a few people around bottling a Muscat that will not be sold.  It is his personal project that keeps him enthusiastic about wine-making.  'Variety is the spice of life' so to speak.

This is the original Shiraz vineyard that the Springflat used to come from. Now the grapes go into the Springflat, Reserve Shiraz and the Duck Muck, if it is made.

Wild Duck Creek Estate Reserve Cabernet 1998

Medium bodied and elegant as all hell.  This is still fresh as a daisy with flecks of blackcurrant, spicy red-fruits and a roast meat component.  The chef that cooked the meat must have thrown in a hell of a load of fresh flowers as a pungent element hits you towards the back of your palate.  This wine shatters what people think about wines from Heathcote as it is not over the top at all.  In fact it is not as big as some wines from Coonawarra.  What finishes me off is the bright core of lively tannins running up my tongue adding flavour and texture.  It is just a pity that I don't have any of these in my cellar.

Alcohol: 12.8%
Price: ?
Rated: 94 ++
Drink: Not now just give it another 3 to 5 years them go  for your life.

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