Thursday, 8 March 2012

Jauma Chenin Blanc 2011

I've been speaking to a few guys in the wine industry and everyone agrees that James Erskine is one of the nicest guys going around.  He is a captivating slender gentleman with passion oozing from every pore. When you meet him you feel energetic and enthused yourself which bring me to how these wines are sold.  Each year James, Anton and Tom put on a huge show in each capital city, normally with some food that they have fished out of the sea on the way to whatever city they are heading to. They create a buzz and sell almost all of their wines in that short time. What I think this is is a marketing process, pure and simple.  Get people involved in the hype and hope they don't bother to think about the wine. Now I don't think the team are thinking that way but I think that is happening.  The wines that I have tried from Jauma in 2011 aren't that good and they aren't very good value but he has sold out.

Jauma Chenin Blanc 2011

The wine has a little melon on the nose but otherwise you get a totally nail polish remover nose with not much else. On the palate there is the same nail polish remover notes that leaves my palate tired.  While there isn't the lovely refreshing acidity that you normally get from Chenin Blanc or the complexity or texture in this wine but you do get the hand of the winemaker.  In the end the wine fell off my palate in a mess.

Alcohol: 13.2%
Price: $22
Rated: 79
Drink: Now

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