Friday, 9 March 2012

Jauma Grauburgunder 2011

Grauburgunder is the Austrian name for Pinot Gris and is made in pretty much the same style.  This grape variety is found all over the world under different names and can vary in terms of sweetness and texture.  James is trying to make it to have an in built texture and easy flow of joyous flavours with something a bit extra added for your enjoyment.

Jauma Grauburgunder 2011

There is a common theme with all of the 2011 white wines from Jauma.  They all contain VA (VA smells like nail polish remover).  This has a sweet nose but quickly the nail polish remover takes over.  On the palate there is a hint of poached pears and pine-needles before the VA strangles the life out the wine.  Too much VA makes the wine taste simple but at least the back-end of the wine has a bit of lemon acidity to add something to think about.

Alcohol: 13.2%
Price: $30
Rated: 82
Drink: Now

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