Monday, 20 February 2012

2 Locked in for a diary of the vintage

Two, Brokenwood and Stefano Lubiana, wineries have locked themselves in for a vintage diary. This is most exciting as I think there will be a difference between these vintages.

Keep putting forward suggestions for the remaining states and I will see what I can do.

Brokenwood make some of the most prestiges wines from the Hunter Valley. Every bottle of old Graveyard Shiraz or any of their semillons that I've had have been brilliant.  The Graveyard looks especially stunning after the 10 year mark so if you have any just leave them alone.

Stefano Lubiana runs his estate bio-dynamically in one of the prettiest parts of Tasmania.  Tasmania has to be considered at the cutting edge of cool climate wine regions which makes for risky business in the wine industry yet some how Stefano turns out beautifully crafted and exquisite wines each year.  

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  1. sa what about someone smaller?
    wa woodlands would be nice
    vic serrat