Monday, 27 February 2012

Mollydooker Enchanted Path 2010

In the U.S. Mollydooker is the third most recognised Australian wine brand after Yellow Tail and Penfolds.  They are starting to focus on the Australian market which I think is a positive move in terms of sustainable sales figures. It is my opinion that spreading the sales over many different markets results in consistent sales year in year out.  It also allows for one market to fall over without the business falling over the following year.

Mollydooker Enchanted Path 2010

When sparky says you should shake this wine before consuming it he is definitely on to something. In fact I recommend that you decant this for 6 hours before taking the plunge as the american oak is a little too much to start with.  My god that oak is sexy though as it imparts a vanilla marshmallow component. On the palate there is liquor blackcurrants and dried blackberries in abundance mixed with burnt chocolate and licorice  rolled in those tasty marshmallows.  The palate feels thick from the oak treatment and the length is pulled long by the oak.  While I like this wine less oak would have been better. You really need to drink this is the heart of winter with the biggest piece of meat you can find.  I'm thinking a dinosaur stuffed with a cow, stuffed with an emu.

Alcohol: 16%
Price: $90
Rated: 88
Drink: Now

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