Tuesday, 14 February 2012

SC Pannell Grenache 2010

The Pannell name is inextricably linked with top quality wine in Australia. The Pannell family founded Mosswood in the late 60s so Stephen has grown up in a family that has vision to pursue a goal that most people wouldn’t dream of achieving.  From an early age Stephen has forced himself to develop his skills as he worked at Domaine des Comtes Lafon, Chateau Mouton Rothschild and G. D. Vajra. He then returned to Australia and settled in McLaren Vale as Head Wine Maker for Wirra Wirra before becoming Chief Wine Maker for BRL Hardys. His resume is good but does his wines stack up?

 SC Pannell Grenache 2010

Dark and flirty and a little bit dirty! To save you reading all the dribble that I am about to write I shall start with this is the best Grenache from Australia that I have tasted! 

With a lot of the wines from the Vales in 2010, you get an extra degree of earthiness and structure. In this wine the tannins are evident but are married perfectly to the flavours like the ball room dancers at the world championships.  They flow so well together that you almost forget that you are just tasting wine.  It is an experience both of texture and elegant flavours.  The wine never gets above medium body yet the unbelievable length means that you do not have to go back for another sip for hours. There is nothing over done with this wine as it is not heavy in the mouth, nor does it leave you feeling heavy after finishing a glass. All I am left with is a feeling that I should buy as much of this wine as I can before I release this tasting note.   

Alcohol: 14.5%
Price: $55 Brilliant value at 100 bucks a bottle but you can find this for 42
Rated: 94+
Drink: 2015 - 2026

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