Monday, 27 February 2012

Woodlands Chardonnay 2012

Andrew Watson from Woodlands explained that "Today marks the last day of Chardonnay for Woodlands Vintage 2012.  Crops appear to be similar to last year - Woodlands was just under 7 tonnes per hectare, whilst the region generally has been returning around the 10 tonnes per hectare.  This increased crop may explain the lower sugar levels this vintage - most wineries have been reported picking fruit at 12.5% maximum, rather than higher levels being easily reached in other vintages.  Natural acidity looks ideal, and there was no disease reported either - it looks to be another classic Chardonnay vintage for Margaret River.

Our Chloe was picked yesterday - one half crushed and the other whole bunch pressed.  Disaster was averted when the forklift broke down with one press loaded to go - many thanks to the boys at Mako forklift servicing!

Once the juice settles it's time to think about yeast - with all the yeast around (wild, cultured and otherwise) a mystery message appeared on our whiteboard yesterday."

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