Friday, 10 February 2012

Greenstone Vineyard Colorino 2010

The Colorino grape variety is one that I have never tasted before but I knew it was a variety that is used in Chianti. For the wine to be classified as heralding from this Italian region, wineries need to have at least 75% Sangiovese with a max of 10% comprising Canaiolo or Colorino and the rest comprising any authorised red grape variety such as Shiraz, Merlot or Cabernet. Colorino is a red grape variety with incredibly dark coloured skin which is rare in the wine world and suggests that it would be used to increase the colour of the wine.  It is also used to add structure to the lower quality wine but is rarely made as a stand alone variety which means Greenstone Vineyard is the front runner of the pack in Australia.

The Vineyard is located just outside of the heart of Heathcote and all of the vines are planted on the old Cambrian soils with a little bit of a difference.  The vineyards have a high content of copper infused basalt and calcium which Antonini has found in Italy produces the highest quality and most elegant style of wines.

Greenstone Vineyard Colorino 2010

When I first looked at this wine I was a little scared as it is so dark and ominous. On the nose specks of blueberries and plum skin dance before my palpitating nostrils.  Both of those flavours sound sweet but there is nothing sweet about this little number.  Once I throw the wine on my palate the first thing I notice is the amazing level of tannin mixed with vibrant acid.  Wow! This tastes nothing like your sweet high alcohol Shiraz from the region which is a lovely surprise. Over the 4 days that I looked at this it just kept on getting better and better, showing me more flavours like peppered earth, dried flowers, smoked licorice and caramel drops. Over that period I came to think that this was the most exciting wine development that I have tried this year and last year. Kudos to Mark Walpole and his team for being brave enough to plant an obscure variety in the heart of Shiraz land.

Alcohol: 13%
Price: $28 Brilliant value!
Rated: 90
Drink: God knows when

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