Sunday, 19 February 2012

Vintage Diary

I'm thinking of asking a few wineries if they would like to track their vintage on my site.  Personally I would be interested in seeing how things are going in the vineyard and winery and how they deal with those tricky moments. I would like to get your input as to the wineries that you would like to see. I was thinking of asking one winery from Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.

Image from Cephas


  1. SA - Teusner
    WA - Cullen or Cape Mentelle
    Vic - Anything from the Yarra Valley
    NSW - Tyrrells, Brokenwood or McWilliams
    Tas - Stefano Lubiana

  2. SA - Something big like Grange or Hill of Grace
    WA - Woodlands or same as above
    Vic - Mount Mary or De Bortoli
    NSW - Same as above
    Tas - Stefano Lubiana, Clover Hill or Domaine A


  3. Keep them coming. Ill contact some of the wineries and see what I can do.

  4. WA - you cant go past leeuwin estate
    Vic - Bindi
    SA - Majella

  5. Is anyone locked in for SA or Vic? Penfolds just released their wines today so would love to see something on them.

    South Australia

  6. De Bortoli are locked in and they are sending a video log for everyone to see. should be great. I'm in discussions with a winery in SA so I will be able to announce something soon.